The vision board is a tool for self-actualization that visualizes the dream you want to
achieve and assists you in realizing your dream. By installing this board in a place
that you can see in your daily life, you will always be aware of your wishes and

How to make a vision board? Introducing the secrets and tools to maximize the effect

A vision board is a visualization tool for fulfilling your dreams by collage photos and
illustrations that represent your ideal future, dreams you want to achieve, what you
want and where you want to go, etc. on a single large board (paper).
Before making a vision board, make a list of things you don’t want to do and a list of
things you want to do. In order to make a vision board effectively, this is because it
can be said that the first step is to raise the consciousness of manifestation (=
transliteration) of the ideal lifestyle and what you want to obtain.
First of all, try to write out the to-do list with as much freedom as possible.
If you don’t know what you want to do, start by creating a list of things you don’t
want to do.

Tips for maximizing the effect of the vision board

The vision board is made by you as a dreamer.
In order to realize your wishes, another article recommends that you set realistic
goals steadily, but when it comes to the vision board and the to-do list, keep in
mind that “dreams” are all you need. Because dreams and goals are different. The
vision board is for sending your dreams to the subconscious. Goals are the tasks
that you actually achieve in the process of reaching your dreams (purposes).
So, from my point of view, it doesn’t matter if it’s unrealistic or difficult to make a
vision board! It’s important to fantasize freely and focus on what you dream of.
By the way, the article below touches on “steady achievement of goals”, which is
how to turn your fantasy dreams into goals, so please do not hesitate to contact us
even when you have time.

Useful to know! Disney Strategy

One of the approaches is that find very useful as a strategy to realize my wishes is
called the Disney Strategy.
It is said that when Walt Disney had a dream of animation, he realized his dream by
using the three positions of “dreamer, practitioner, and critic”.

What kind of dream does he want to realize as a dreamer?

As a practitioner, he devised a realistic method and made an actual action plan.
As a critic, he checked to see if there were any problems with the realization of his
dreams and where to improve.
Thanks to these different perspectives, Disney was able to make a global animation
company a success.
And we too can make our dreams come true by incorporating the Disney Strategy

What kind of results will be produced if the roles are mixed?

Suddenly, when you have time to dream freely (such as when making a vision board
or a to-do list), you suddenly make yourself appear as a critic, denying that this is
reckless, that is unreal. Or, at a time when you have to take action realistically, you
suddenly believe in a miraculous “something” and pray for someone to guide you,
and stop making steady efforts.
These problems can be solved just by being aware of your position as a dreamer,
practitioner, and critic.
Also, be aware that you, as a dreamer, create the “vision board” and “to-do list”,
and feel free to envision your dreams.
It is rather ideal to approach with the highest level of optimism, with the feeling that
you can do anything and that what you want to do is realized as a matter of course.
Especially for those who are usually pessimistic

Digression: From the astrological flow. Why you want to make a vision board

As an astrologist, would like to talk about the vision board from an astrology
perspective as well. Why do you want to make a vision board considering the
astrological period?
As a major premise, thought of making a vision board, but it’s a good day. The best
timing is always when your intuition works. Please focus on that first.
The current timing of writing this article is a pretty good time to make a vision
board at the “beginning time” of Western astrology. In particular, “Vernal Equinox
Day” and “Aries New Moon” are the milestones when the one-year cycle begins
from an astrological point of view. If it seems difficult at this point to magnificently
draw the dreams and goals you want to achieve in your lifetime, why not make a
vision board for a year first. And if you want to make a vision board for a limited
time, I think it’s a good start after the vernal equinox day (especially after the new
moon of Aries).